8 Inch Pro Diamond Sanding Disc Set With Backing Plates (180g Nickel Disc & stand not included)



Pro Diamond Sanding Disc Sets are great if you want to convert your facetor or lapidary machine for use with our Ameritool Pro Diamond Sanding Disc system as used on our Universal Machine. Our most popular Sanding Discs are packaged in sets. These sets enable you to smooth gemstones and glass to a higher lustre. Each set includes the following:
One Each:
  • 325 Mesh Diamond Sanding Disc
  • 600 Mesh Diamond Sanding Disc
  • 1200 Mesh Diamond Sanding Disc
  • White Polish Pad
  • One Tube of 14,000 Mesh Diamond Compound
  • Four Precision Backing Plates
Also Available without Backing Plates

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